Insurance Brokers

The Challenge

  • Manual process, archaic tools, & inefficient workflows are time consuming

  • Increasing cost of employee benefits

  • Limited transparency, access to options, & leverage to negotiate

  • Increased competition among brokers due to market consolidation

  • Difficult and costly to hire experienced talent

Our Value to You

Competitive differentiation

Our online reverse auction platform provides a differentiated offering that guarantees the best value and cost transparency to your clients.

Better meet your client's needs

ConcordiScore, our proprietary decision-making algorithm, helps you better understand and deliver on your client's needs while providing greater benefits packages to help them compete for talent.

Streamlined and efficient operations

Our standardized RFP process will do the work for you.  You and your employees can free up your time to focus on your existing clients and attracting new ones. This will allow you to increase your capacity without increasing staff.

Industry Trends

Market Consolidation

Mergers and acquisitions have increased competition between brokers and made it more difficult for brokerages to offer differentiated services.

Superior benefits to compete

Tight labor markets and inflation drives pressure on their clients to offer superior benefits to attract and retain employees within budget.

Distraction from client services

RFPs, compliance, and administrative tasks add to operating costs and distract from a focus on the client.

A Simple Path to Offering Differentiated Value

<strong>Brokers are valued, but their role is evolving rapidly&#160;</strong><strong>toward strategic services.</strong>

Brokers are valued, but their role is evolving rapidly toward strategic services.

Brokers have long been a pillar of the employee benefits space. Today, their role is changing, as employers look to address
new needs due largely to changing regulations, increased digitization and benefits complexity. Likewise, general agents are
establishing new competitive positions in the marketplace.

Still, the trend to digital and direct distribution is pronounced. Nearly half of small firms, or 45%, say they are likely to
purchase benefits without the help of a broker in the future. These firms will gravitate to digital marketplaces and self-service
tools. Larger firms will also use them for simpler benefits and to boost process efficiency.

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