Insurance Carriers

The Challenge

  • Manual process, archaic tools, & inefficient workflows are time consuming

  • Hard to acquire new customers due to legacy process

  • Lack of insights on competitive landscape and evolving market dynamics

  • Rising costs and low interest rates put pressure on profit margins

  • Difficult and costly to hire experienced talent

Our Value to You

Motivated customers

Every standardized RFP you receive through our "invitation to auction" is associated with a motivated buyer looking for you to win their business based on fair competition.

Lower customer acquisition costs.

You have access to thousands of motivated buyers by participating in our auction platform. You will automatically receive an "invitation to auction," significantly reducing your customer acquisition, sales, and marketing costs.

Fair and transparent competition

Not only is the motivated customer brought to your doorstep, but it is a fair and transparent process to win the business by providing the most competitive price.

Industry Trends

Price shopping

Not every RFP is associated with a motivated customer. Carriers waste countless hours processing RFPs with no real chance of winning the business.

Rising costs and slowing revenues

Tight labor markets, industry consolidation, low interest rates, and headwinds on revenue growth have put pressure on economic profit.

Opaque competition

There is no transparency in the current RFP process. Carriers do not know how competitive their bids are against their peers or if it is a fair process.

A Simple Path to Qualified Opportunities and Fair Competition

<strong>As digital transformation accelerates, the industry is ready for a fully&#160;integrated, data-driven ecosystem.</strong>

As digital transformation accelerates, the industry is ready for a fully integrated, data-driven ecosystem.

The velocity of technology adoption will only accelerate and more digitization is necessary and inevitable. There is considerable buy-in to the idea of a dynamic, industry-wide ecosystem, where all stakeholders connect and share data seamlessly and in real time. However, a common theme expressed by all parties is the need for carriers to hasten their digital transformation initiatives. Rigid legacy systems have hindered carriers from creating innovative solutions to meet changing marketplace demand.

<strong>Employers certainly understand where things are headed.</strong>

Employers certainly understand where things are headed.

70% to 80% of employers across all size segments believe technology will play a larger role in carrier selection in five years. For many, technology equates to efficiency. Employers expect to rely more heavily on technology from all their partners, with software vendors topping the list. Collectively, these findings point the way forward to a holistic ecosystem of comprehensive benefits services.

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