Our Value

Our unique auction platform and proprietary decision-making algorithm provides a market disruptive technology. Our solutions replace the current paper-based RFP system with a transparent and competitive platform that saves money and streamlines the group benefit procurement process offering unparalleled value.

For the Organization

Cost savings, process transparency, carrier-neutral, auditable, decision-making support, and pooling for more competition and better rates

For the Broker

Reduced workload, streamlined operations, competitive differentiation, decision-making support

For the Carrier

Lower customer acquisition costs, access to a larger and motivated customer base, reduced sales expenses, platform with fair competition, access to market data

The Problem

Higher Costs & Less Value

Benefit costs continue to increase, becoming one of the highest fixed costs for organizations with no assurance they receive the best value.

Manuel & Lengthy

The group benefit RFP process is labor-intensive and time-consuming while not driving the most competitive rates.

Market Consolidation

Mergers and acquisitions have increased competition between brokers, becoming more difficult for brokerages to offer differentiated services and value.

<strong>Expanded benefits are key to meeting post-COVID-19 needs and winning the war for talent.</strong>

Expanded benefits are key to meeting post-COVID-19 needs and winning the war for talent.

Industry stakeholders recognize that salary is no longer enough to attract and retain top talent. The COVID-19 pandemic sparked newfound appreciation of the value of ancillary and nonmedical benefits. Workers certainly saw their needs in a new light, particularly relative to financial security and well-being. Employers recognized how more valuable benefits would help attract and retain scarce talent. Mental health and substance abuse also became more pressing concerns. Significant percentages of employees view benefits as being more valuable today than they were before COVID-19. That perception is particularly prominent among millennials, with nearly half indicating that their benefits are “more valuable” today.

<strong>LIMRA and EY Study Predicts Non-Medical Workplace Benefits to Grow 20% by 2026</strong>

LIMRA and EY Study Predicts Non-Medical Workplace Benefits to Grow 20% by 2026

New needs and competition for scarce talent drive significant expansion of workforce benefits.

Rich, personalized benefits that support increased work-life balance and meet the needs of a diverse, multigenerational
workforce will be critical to attract and retain top talent in the future. After the hardships of the pandemic, demand and
heightened recognition for the value of life insurance, disability, leave and income protection products will continue to rise.
Supplemental mental health, wellness and substance abuse benefits will also become more common, ultimately becoming
baseline benefits offered by most large companies.


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