Silvia Cerqueira

Silvia Cerqueira

Chief Operating & Product Officer

Silvia is the Chief Operating & Product Officer for Concordia Exchange. She brings nearly two decades of experience in analytics and strategy, as well as a wealth of knowledge on product development and design, to Concordia Exchange. She is passionate about innovation that unlocks efficiency and loves using data-driven insights to create business value and improve customer experiences. She has been a long-time champion of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts and has a track record of bringing together highly performant, well-rounded teams.

In her most recent role as Head of Analytics Solutions at Wayfair, she built a team from the ground up with the goal and holistic plan to scale the power of data at an enterprise level through people, processes, and technology. She and her team were responsible for developing and managing best-in-class analytics products and capabilities, data strategy, infrastructure, and technology platforms.

Prior to Wayfair, Silvia led teams at Digitas, Marketing Evolution, and Razorfish, consulting with Fortune 500 companies like Mercedes-Benz, Spotify, GM, CitiBank, and HBO to fuel strategic optimization across all marketing channels and digital experiences through experimentation and data science.

Silvia grew up in Cambridge, MA, and in her spare time, is a real estate investor and career mentor. Silvia earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Management Science with a minor in Biology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).